Cloud computing and computer networking concept

Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption is the strategic move by an organization to reduce costs, mitigate risk, and achieve database scalability. Depending on the depth of adoption, cloud adoption can require various approaches. By adopting cloud-based technologies, your organization is likely to improve on controls and data security.

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Swift Start Consulting brings together industry-leading technologies,learnings, and practices for organization-wide cloud adoption. Our experts will take you through our elaborate yet clear cloud adoption framework to ensure that you build a robust cloud computing infrastructure that delivers better results. We take the hassle out of the way when it comes to cloud augmentation.

Our approach

In order to make your transition to the cloud hassle-free, we make the following steps our guide:

  • Assessment: Together with your IT team, we will assess the
    opportunities and potential challenges that may arise from adopting
    cloud technology.
  • Planning: Based on the assessment report, we will plan your
    organization’s specific cloud adoption strategy. We will recommend the
    most appropriate platform for your business’ cloud needs.
  • Adoption: During this phase, we will work closely with your IT team
    to develop mitigation strategies that may arise during the
    implementation phase. We will also empower you with expert knowledge
    of the software, servers, and data stores for future reiteration and
  • Optimization: Through regular meetings with your IT team, we will
    discuss the lessons learned during the adoption process and recommend
    solutions for further tasks and processes.

Cloud adoption can be a daunting process. Contact Swift Start Consulting today for professional help rationalizing your applications during this exercise. Our experienced technicians will augment your team during the application and onboarding process and help you operationalize cloud computing without interfering with your productivity.

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